installation [photographs, fluorescent lamps, newspapers and objects]
10x2m aprx

exhibition view
Galeria Genesco Murta, Palácio das Artes. Belo Horizonte/MG

Vigil is an installation that was conceived from photographs taken between 2012 and 2017, in an abundant and constant photography practice. The scenes presented in the large mural formed by the images correspond to a complex variety of experiences of the body and the mind under a state of heightened sensibility. The set of photographed scenes approaches the attitudes and gestures that constitute the micropolitics of each individual, which takes form as the denial of socially structured normativities, discriminations, segregations and prejudices.
Vigil is a state of attention and care.
On street demonstrations, at home, during scenes of intimacy, on the ways one experiments with the body and sexuality, in moments of ecstasy and anguish, on trivial and extraordinary situations, each individual embodies, in their actions, a sensible and critical articulation of the possibility of a social life extraneous to the logics of hierarchy and exploration. Party, street, music, leisure, travel, home, loveand conflict translate ways of being present and integratingto the chaos and richness of the urban centers. Moments in which photography happens as an extension of the way one experiences day-to-day situations, when the camera, instead of assuming an external point of view, is a part of and character in the moments it portrays. The superpositions of faces and places build a large personal and collective landscape, representative of a state of urgency that is lived and shared by all characters who are part of a social, political and identity turbulence.

exhibition view
Zipper Galeria, São Paulo/SP
photographs by Ignacio Aronovich