Megazord alias Hope

solo exhibition
Espaço C.A.M.A. São Paulo, 2021

Megazord codinome Esperança
(Megazord alias Hope)
Backlight and painting
131 x 87 x 16 cm
Ed.3 + 1PA

O Revolucionário Exército de Memes
(The revolutionary army of memes)
leather, objects, embroidery, painting and photo-printing on fabric
125 x 100 cm

Odiosas Manifestações pró-vida
(Hateful pro-life demonstrations)
rope, embroidery and photographic print on fabric
95 x 75 cm

Fascismo à brasileira
(Brazilian Fascism)
rope, objects, painting, embroidery and photographic print on fabric
140 x 95 cm

Joana Dark do Leme ao Meier: semi-automática na mochila, cabelo solto de prancha, top, bota e calcinha fio dental
(Joana Dark from Leme to Meier: semi-automatic in the bag, pressed hair, bikini top, boots and thong)
Leather, safety pins, rope, swinsuit, cable ties and stones on tapestry
62 x 40 cm

Prometo estar vivo no próximo carnaval
(I promise to be alive for the next carnaval)
flip flops, rope, beads and plastic net on carpet
60 x 47 x 5 cm

Apenas outro bate papo niilista
(Just another nihilistic chat)
Embroidery, painting, leather, photographic print and fabric on canvas
50 x 40.5 cm

TV Fake News
Sewing, painting and fabric on canvas
30 x 24 cm

Black Blocs de controle remoto
(Remote control Black Blocs)
Fabric, light bulbs and painting on canvas
30 x 30 cm

Rejeito, renego, me oponho e adoro
(I reject, deny, oppose and adore)
Fabric and syntactic foam on canvas
32 x 27 x 10 cm

photographs by Ana Pigosso